80/20 vs Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Technical Services on 14th Apr 2021

The selection of guitar strings is a personal one - that is why there are so many choices!  But for a new guitarist, it can be confusing. This article summarises the key differences between 80/20 and Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Stings.

Key Differences between 80/20 and Phosphor Bronze

Feature 80/20 Phosphor Bronze
When developed
1930s 1970s
Composition 80% copper
20% zinc
92% copper
8% tin
negligible phosphor

Gauge Various Various
Tone Bright with more bass
Some describe as "louder"

Warm, natural
Can accentuate bass by selecting suitable gauge

Tone Durability Reach full sound potential after a few hours but the bright tone will fade quicker
Longer lasting tone
Corrosion Impacted by sweat and other environmental conditions
More corrosion resistant
Maintenance Require cleaning more regularly to prevent oxidation, prolong tone and resist breakage.
Recommend cleaning after each use but is more forgiving if you don;t maintain a strict cleaning regime

As with many musical instruments and accessories, it is a personal "thing" and very susceptible to your context - your guitar, your equipment, your playing style etc. 

The only sure-fire way is to do some research, keep adopting & adapting - inform, transform and perform!